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Essential Course - We Train Simulation

MIS from scratch: learn, train, improve and become an expert.

Today, having knowledge and experience in MIS is essential for all surgeons. In this virtual course you will be able to learn from scratch the essential skills in MIS step by step and train in your own personal gym on an ongoing basis, at your own pace. In addition, you will learn different strategies to improve your ergonomics, which will be useful later to apply and improve your work in the operating room.

Expert surgeons in MIS will accompany you and guide you in a personalized way for 6 months, taking into account your previous experience and your needs so that you can acquire and improve technical skills.

The course has 2 stages:

The first month of training will be an intensive stage of 4 weekly meetings of 3 hours with your instructor, where you will practice the essential exercises.

The 5-month period after this stage is the follow-up, through which we intend to reinforce training habits and continue with the accompaniment throughout this process. The ultimate goal of this process is to achieve the technical level of the experts in the execution of the exercises.
During this period, two virtual meetings called reviews will be held, on the fourth and sixth month. These meetings will have a similar format to the meetings of the course.”

After each meeting, you will receive a personalized report with the tutor’s observations and suggestions to continue with the training.

Online and at
your own pace

Tutored by
MIS experts

Certificate upon
course completion

What will you learn in the online course?

During the intensive stage you will receive audiovisual material through the GOOGLE CLASSROOM® platform, where you will find content on the following topics:

• How to set up your gym, use of instruments and ergonomics.
• Knots and sutures.
• Extracorporeal knots.
• Techniques for taking the needle.
• Intracorporeal knots: “C” technique, the gladiator and sliding knot.

During the meetings you will train the following essential exercises with your tutor:
• Transfer.
• Cut.
• Dissection.
• Extracorporeal knots.
• Intracorporeal knots.
• Tubular suture.

During the follow-up stage you will receive different lectures, bibliography, and tutorials on specific pathologies, so that you can continue training in your personal gym.
• Trocar placement.
• Laparoscopic appendectomy.
• Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.
• Laparoscopic epigastric hernia repair.

Who is it addressed to?

To all those who want to start or deepen their knowledge of the Minimally Invasive Surgery world, especially professionals from different specialties such as pediatric surgery, general surgery, urology, gynecology, and veterinary medicine. Even students since it is not necessary to have previous knowledge to take this course.

Requirements and materials

You only need your MT Box trainer with instruments, a notebook or computer, a mobile device, and an Internet connection.

We send you your essential exercise kit when you purchase the course.

Program of the Essential Course

Intensive Stage: 5 meetings

Technical Meeting:
● Verify the correct assembly and operation of the gym.
● Explain the use of the virtual platform Classroom.

First meet:
● How to set up your gym, use of instruments and ergonomics.
● Transfer exercise.

Second meeting:
● Cutting exercise.
● Dissection exercise.

Third meeting:
● Extracorporeal knots.
● Pickup and positioning of the needle.
● Intracorporeal knots: “C” technique and gladiator technique.

Fourth meeting:
● Sliding knot technique.
● tube suture.
● Review of all exercises.

Follow-up stage: 2 meetings at the fourth and sixth month.
● Trocar placement.
● laparoscopic appendectomy.
● Laparoscopic inguinal hernia.
● Laparoscopic epigastric hernia


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